Equipment Needed To Open An Ice Cream Shop

Posted on: 16 February 2018

If you have always wanted to get into the restaurant business, opening an ice cream shop is a great option that typically does not have as high of a start-up cost as a full-service restaurant. Ice cream is a well-loved treat, and most customers love enjoying cold, refreshing ice cream on a hot day. Continue reading to learn more about the equipment that you will need if you are planning to open an ice cream shop:

Ice Cream Machine

Some ice cream shops make their own ice cream on-site; if this is what you plan to do, you will need to invest in a commercial ice cream machine. You can purchase a machine that makes traditional ice cream, a soft-serve ice cream machine, or both depending on what you plan to have on your menu. Ice cream machines are typically easy to operate-- all you will need to do is pour in the ingredients and let the machine do the rest.

Ice Cream Cooling Cabinet

One of the best things about entering an ice cream shop is walking in and seeing a cooler full of different flavors of ice cream. Regardless of whether you're planning to make your own ice cream on-site or purchase it in large cartons, you will need to buy an ice cream cooling cabinet so you can display your ice cream to customers while still keeping it frozen. An ice cream cooling cabinet usually has a sliding door on one side, which makes it easy for an employee to scoop the ice cream when ordered.

Milkshake Machine

While two scoops of ice cream are delicious, sometimes customers want something a little bit different. Having a milkshake machine in your ice cream shop will allow you to expand your menu while still using the ice cream that you have on hand. Many milkshake machines have automatic settings, so after the ice cream, milk, and any additional items being added are placed in the mixing cup, the machine can be turned on and left running while your employees fulfill the rest of a customer's order. 

Industrial-Grade Dishwashers

Like any restaurant, cleanliness and sanitation are absolutely essential in an ice cream shop. When purchasing equipment for your ice cream shop, make sure to purchase an industrial-grade dishwasher in order to regularly clean ice cream scoops, components of the ice cream machine, and the mixing cups for your milkshake machine.