Beyond Curry: Try These Unique Thai Dishes

Posted on: 1 March 2016

Thai food has swept North America by storm, and you've probably seen plenty of new restaurants appearing in your area. This exotic regional food is popular among foodies, fans of unique international flavors, and anyone who wants to try something new and different. If you're a Thai food fan and you think you've tried just about everything on the menu already, be on the lookout for these not-so-traditional dishes that will introduce you to a whole new world of Thai flavors.

Red Pork Noodle Soup

Once limited to Thailand alone, this popular dish is now being served at some restaurants within the United States and Canada. It's a soup with broth crafted from boiled pork bones and onion, as well as noodles, sprouts, and bok choy. But the star of the dish is the sliced red pork which gives the soup an entirely new level of flavor,texture, and consistency. In Thailand, the broth sits at room temperature for several days, but in North American it must be prepared fresh or stored away, so the unique flavor is not exactly the same. It's still a soup worth trying if you enjoy Thai food and authentic flavors.

Kai Jeow - Thai Breakfast

Most people don't think of Thai when they think about breakfast food, but this special treat provides fans with something totally new and unusual. The dish is an omelette comprised of eggs mixed with fish sauce and a variety of chilies. The omelette is then cooked in oil to give it a nice, crispy consistency. Most Thai restaurants will serve the omelette over a bed of white rice. For an added flavor kick, drizzle some sweet chili sauce over the top and you'll have a breakfast like no other. To try these dishes yourself, try take-out at Mali Thai Restaurant, for example. 

Som Tam - A Spicy Concoction

The odds are that if you enjoy Thai food, you enjoy spicy flavors. This traditional dish called Som Tam is offered by many street vendors in Thailand, so be on the lookout for it at your local restaurant, too. The dish is made up of a variety of foods including freshly shaved papaya, carrots, peanuts, tomatoes, string beans, and palm sugar. The mixture is ground up in a mortar and pestle and fish sauce and plenty of chilies are added to the mix. The result is a spicy, fiery yet dynamic Thai dish that is as flavorful as it is delicious. If you've been searching for a completely unusual way to try Thai food, be on the lookout for these traditional yet unique dishes so you can expand your food horizons.