3 Custom Pizza Orders Inspired By Mickey Mouse

Posted on: 8 June 2023

If your family loves the world of Disney, then there are many ways to celebrate the company and characters. One of the most iconic characters is Mickey Mouse. If you have children who love Mickey Mouse, then you can turn dinner into a fun way to celebrate Mickey. The next time you visit a pizzeria, you can order a pizza with custom toppings inspired by the character.

Check out some of the pizza topping ideas. Not only will they inspire you with fun Mickey themes, but you could encourage children to try a variety of new pizza toppings they've never tried before.

1. Hidden Mickeys

In movies, TV shows, and at theme parks, the world of Mickey Mouse has included a fun trend known as hidden Mickeys. Mickey Mouse heads are naturally hidden in various locations and people love to find the hidden designs and spot the iconic head shape. When you order a pizza, you can play the same game.

Order a pizza that comes with toppings in circular shapes. For example, you could order a pizza with sliced grape tomatoes and pepperonis. Once the pizza arrives at your table, see if the natural layout of the toppings has formed any hidden Mickeys. As the pizza cools down, the first person to find a hidden Mickey head shape can grab a slice.

2. Mickey Colors

Add some spice to the pizza you order by focusing on Mickey's iconic colors. Start off with olives for a base black topping and then add some spice with red and yellow peppers on top. The mix of colors can create a blend that showcases Mickey's body, his red shorts, and his bright yellow shoes.

The addition of fresh white mozzarella cheese can help create the look of Mickey's gloves as well.

3. Mickey's Hot Dog Pizza

Mickey Mouse has used his catchphrase "Hot Dog!" for years and you can use that phrase for inspiration the next time you order a pizza. While you likely won't find a pizzeria that sells a pizza with slices of hot dog on it, you can order pizza with similar topping options. For example, you could order a pizza with sliced sausages on top.

Sliced sausages are similar in texture and shape to the hot dog. You may also consider other sliced meats like ham or salami. The pizza reflects his catchphrase and is an ideal option for meat lovers.

Keep all of these options in mind the next time you order pizza. You may even find a new family favorite pizza idea. For more information, contact a company like Patricia's Of Morris Park.