Italian Catering For Diabetics

Posted on: 13 August 2018

If you are diabetic, you know that you need to limit your carbohydrates to keep your blood glucose levels under control. This limits your food choices when trying to hire a caterer or going out to heat. If you love Italian food, you are probably wondering how you can enjoy a traditional meal without sending your sugar levels through the roof with all the pasta and different breads. Here are some tips for what to have the caterers prepare that will allow you to eat the style of food you love while maintaining a healthy amount of sugar in your blood.


You can choose a seafood appetizer like bake clams or steamed shrimp. However, you should avoid any sauces that are heavy with butter. You can ask for something cooked with olive oil instead. You may also go with some type of vegetable like Caprese stuffed tomatoes.


Start with a nice, fresh salad. Most of the vegetables in it will have very few carbs (if any). In addition, this will start to fill your stomach, so you do not overdo it on any carbs in the remaining courses. Go with a simple vinaigrette or a light dressing on the side to help keep it healthy.

Grilled Entree

To have the healthiest entree, go with a grilled fish or meat. This will allow you to choose a sauce or side that has some carbs or sugars. You could also go with a lean meat like chicken or turkey that has been baked or broiled. No matter what the main course, make sure you ask how it is cooked and avoid anything fried.


Vegetables would be the best option for your side. If you want to enjoy pasta, ask for half a serving and if possible, one made with whole wheat. When choosing a pasta, be sure to avoid heavy sauces like alfredo or vodka. You can always go with a marinara or pesto to reduce having sugar spikes later in the day because the sauce slowed down the absorption of the sugars.

Talk with the Italian catering company and explain that you need to keep the menu low on carbohydrates. Ask them to keep the pasta to a minimum instead of making it a major portion of the meal. If you can plan the meal to be very low carb, you can live a little and enjoy a luscious dessert like tiramisu to end things.