Looking to Change Up Your Brunch Experience? Look for Brunch Restaurants Who Have One or More of These Offerings

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Going out to brunch on the weekends has been gaining in popularity, and now it is one of the most trendiest times to partake in a meal. However, many brunch restaurants have the same offerings, which can make this option feel mundane if you go to brunch often. Fortunately, restaurants are catching up and starting to change up their offerings. If you are looking for a unique brunch experience, look for a brunch restaurant that offers one or more of these unique offerings. 

All You Can Drink Brunches

In the past, brunch restaurants have offered mimosas pretty routinely, but now brunch restaurants are switching things up and offering all you can drink experiences that venture out from mimosas. You may find different flavors of mimosas or different drinks altogether, including breakfast wines, bloody Mary bars, or champagne tastings. 

Themed Food Brunches

Most traditional brunches have a decent mix of breakfast food items, such as eggs, omelets, pancakes, and bacon, with lighter lunch items, such as fruit, salad, and soup. But in lieu of traditional food, some restaurants are starting to offer themed brunches; it may be a seafood theme, a pizza theme, or a Mexican food. Whatever the theme is, the dishes offered at the brunch will center around the theme, offering up some unique options to traditional brunch favorites. 

Outdoor Brunches

When you think of going to a brunch restaurant, you typically envision yourself going into a restaurant and sitting down at either an indoor table or a patio table. However, one of the more unique experiences that some brunch restaurants are offering is an outdoor brunch. Brunch may be served at a park, by a lake, or another similar outdoor setting. A large tent may be brought in to house the food, and once you get your plate, you can sit outside and enjoy nature while you also fill up your belly with delicious food. 

Tea Brunches

The last way you can change up your brunch experience is by attending a tea brunch. Tea houses are becoming trendy themselves. Sitting down for afternoon tea with tea sandwiches is a great way to relax and unwind. Some brunch restaurants are switching this up and offering a tea brunch instead of an afternoon tea. You can enjoy your tea while enjoying traditional British breakfast favorites. 

Are you tired of having the same brunch experience every week? Then switch it up and find a unique brunch restaurant, such as Chocolat Harlem, to get out of your brunch rut.