What To Look For In An Italian Restaurant

Posted on: 25 March 2019

When you go out to eat at an Italian restaurant, you want your experience to be authentic so you have a great time. The food, atmosphere, and overall ambiance of the place you choose to go to must be impressive so your dining adventure is topnotch. Are you struggling with how to find a great Italian restaurant? Use this guide to assist you.


Italian restaurants are known for being boisterous and fun but can also be known for having intimate dining areas and lots of low lighting. An Italian restaurant that is authentic in style will have you feeling comfortable in the low, soft, yellow lighting provided throughout the restaurant, particularly in seating areas.

The right Italian restaurant will also vary the type of lighting they offer: from low-hanging bulbs to wall sconces to live candles on the tables, the lighting should instantly put you at ease and make you feel welcome.


Italian restaurants are known for rich woods, dark colors, and wall decor that speaks of history. However, most of the decor is actually items the restaurant actually uses, such as wine bottles, hanging cheeses or meats, or even cutlery displayed on walls. Seek an Italian restaurant that uses real decor to bring the space together and give you some history about where you are dining.


Italian food is about so much more than pizza and sauces. In many parts of Italy, seafood and basic fare are very popular, along with herb bread and oils. You want to go to an Italian eatery that features dried and cured meats, tasty cheeses, and other fine appetizers and meals that will give you an authentic experience.

Don't forget the alcohol menu: Italians do love their spirits, so you want to choose a place that has a large wine list. The wine doesn't have to be from Italy, but the waitstaff should be able to recommend the best wine pairings for your meal based on what you like to drink and what you are eating


Italians are known for being friendly, loud, outgoing, and generous. You want to choose an Italian establishment that makes you feel boldly welcome as soon as you walk in. You should be surrounded by live or stereo music, an open kitchen where you can hear the waitstaff and cooks, and servers and hosts who make you feel like family. Managers and owners should table-touch and get to know their patrons; this is the type of Italian restaurant to look for. Visit a restaurant such as Z Prime Steakhouse for a night out.