Ways That You Can Make The Most Of Wing Night

Posted on: 14 January 2020

A restaurant's wing night is one of the best ways to enjoy chicken wings. Not only will there be favorable deals during this promotion, but wing nights tend to have an upbeat and energetic vibe to them — which can further add to the dining experience. If you're a wing night novice and you want to make the most of the experience, making sure that you have a big appetite should be your top priority — this isn't a day that you'll want to have a mid-afternoon snack. Beyond showing up to the restaurant hungry, here are some other ways that you can make the most of your wing night experience.

Order In Small Batches

Armed with a big appetite, you might be ready to eat a couple dozen wings. Even if this is your plan, it's a good idea to order the wings in batches rather than all at once. If you were to place a large order, there's a good chance that some of the wings would be cold by the time that you eat them. When you order in smaller batches — for example, 10 wings at a time — they'll be piping hot to the last bite. Additionally, ordering in small batches allows you to experiment with different flavors and sauces.

Build Up To Hot

If you're someone who loves hot wings, you might plan to start with a basket of them. Most wing nights have a variety of flavors on the menu, however, and you may think about trying another variety afterward. If you plan to eat hot wings, it's a good idea to eat them last. Should you decide to eat them first, your mouth can remain so hot for the entire night that you fail to truly appreciate the subtler flavors of other wings that aren't as hot. Starting with the mildest flavors and eventually working your way up to the hot wings is your best approach.

Don't Overindulge In Other Things

There's nothing wrong with simply focusing on eating wings and perhaps having a couple of drinks at wing night. Some people seek a little more variety in their meals and opt to order something else to complement the wings — an order of fries, for example. One issue with this strategy is that the fries can fill you up quickly, thus preventing you from getting to eat as many wings as you'd like. You may find that it's a better idea to eat other things sparingly so that you can focus more on the wings.