4 Delicious Reasons to Eat Suya

Posted on: 14 April 2020

If you love the hearty, savory satisfaction of meat, suya is the perfect dish for you. Suya is a type of street food that hails from Africa. Imagine chunks of seasoned meat placed on a skewer before being cooked to perfection. Here are four reasons to eat suya:

1. Enjoy a unique seasoning blend.

Suya is seasoned with a traditional blend of spices before it's cooked. The spice mix includes ground peanuts, several types of pepper, salt, and paprika. Many people have never tried meat seasoned with peanuts before. However, peanuts can offer a nutty, rich flavor that perfectly complements the meat. The right seasoning gives suya a distinctive scent that will make your mouth water before you even take your first bite.

2. Sample different types of meat.

Suya is commonly made of beef. However, any type of meat can be used for great results. Pork and chicken make equally delicious suya. Sweetbreads full of flavor and nutrients may be used as well. For example tripe suya is a healthy and tasty option. If you're in the mood for a protein-heavy meal, head to a suya restaurant in your area. Since the individual skewers aren't overwhelmingly large, you can sample many different varieties of suya in a single meal. Eating suya is similar to having tapas or any other small plate meal.

3. Enjoy a smoky flavor.

Suya is cooked over an open flame, which imparts a distinctive smoky aroma and flavor. If you enjoy the taste of charbroiled hamburgers or steak, you will also enjoy suya. The pieces of meat used for suya are very thin, which means they cook quickly. You won't have to wait long to receive your food. Take the opportunity to enjoy meat traditionally prepared; you'll find that the flavor of grilled meat is superior to anything you could make using a typical range.

4. Try a lesser-known cuisine.

West African food has a lot to offer. It's flavorful, hearty, and bursting with character. However, some people manage to go their whole lives without sampling West African food. If you consider yourself a foodie and make it a point to try different world cuisines, take a visit to your local suya restaurant. You might find that suya becomes a new staple whenever you're looking for a quick, filling meal. Don't make the mistake of overlooking African cuisine just because it's unfamiliar.

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