Add Pizza To Your Weekly Poker Game Plans

Posted on: 12 June 2020

If you and your friends get together for a weekly poker game and tend to eat bagged chips and other processed snacks in between hands, you are missing out on one of the main reasons for getting together in the first place. Friendly card games may prompt you and your peers to converse with one another, but each player may be focusing intently on their hand, and this could minimize interactions. Add an informal pizza meal to the evening, and you have the perfect recipe for fueling your friendships and eating delicious pizza varieties.

Introduce Your Idea

Before your next poker game, contact your buddies and ask them if they are receptive to having some pizzas delivered instead of relying upon the snacks that everyone previously munched on. Since this is your idea, you could mention that you are willing to pay for the cost of the pizzas and the delivery fee.

If each person would like to pay their fair share, agree upon a pizza shop and pick up some menus from the establishment. During the course of the week, encourage everyone to look at the menu and to select pizza varieties that interest them. On the day of the poker game, you can quickly compile the orders and create a final order, which contains everyone's pizza types. Place the order in advance, so that it arrives about midway through the poker game.

Once the pizza arrives, stop the card game that is in progress and invite everyone to sit down and enjoy the feast. During the casual dining experience, you and the others can replay some of the poker hands and comment on one another's gameplay. It will also be the perfect time to catch up with one another without being distracted by a competitive card game.

Shake Things Up

Choose some ways to make each pizza delivery special. One week, you could request that toppings are packaged separately from the pizzas. Once the delivery is dropped off, set the pizzas on pizza dishes and place the toppings inside of bowls or on a tray.

Tell everyone that the reason for this setup is so that each person can garnish their pizza slices in the manner that they wish. On other occasions, award the winner of the poker game with a "free pass," which will exclude them paying for pizza, the delivery fee, or the tip for the driver during a subsequent gathering that is going to involve having pizza delivered.