Three Ways To Enjoy Crepes At A French Eatery

Posted on: 18 September 2020

One thing is certain when you sit down to eat at a French restaurant — there will be no shortage of menu items that catch your attention. While the food at French eateries can vary significantly according to several factors, one common dish that you'll frequently see is crepes. Perhaps you've had crepes at a breakfast restaurant or even tried to make them at home. Regardless, you'll want to seriously consider ordering this dish at your local French eatery, regardless of the meal for which you're sitting down. Here are three ways to enjoy crepes at a restaurant.

For Breakfast

You may associate crepes with breakfast, and for good reason — there are plenty of breakfast variations of this traditional French dish. Sweet crepes are common for breakfast, which means that you may find crepes that contain berries, cream, and other similar breakfast fare. Unlike the crepes that you may get at a diner or a standard breakfast restaurant, those in a proper French eatery will have homemade ingredients with them. For example, instead of whipped cream out of a can adorning the crepes, the whipped cream will be homemade.

For Lunch or Dinner

If you associate crepes with breakfast, you might be surprised about the idea of ordering this meal for lunch or dinner. Your local French eatery likely has a variety of crepe dishes that are appropriate midday or at dinnertime. Unlike breakfast crepes, they aren't filled with sweet ingredients. Instead, they'll focus on savory tastes. Such crepe dishes almost always have cheese, so you might come across a dish that has melted Swiss cheese and thin slices of ham, for example. Seafood crepes, in which mixed seafood is combined with a wine and crepe sauce, are also popular.

For Dessert

Lots of French restaurants also have crepes on the dessert menu, meaning that you'll get a chance to try a completely different variation on this disk. Dessert crepes are sweet like their breakfast counterparts, but often include richer fillings. For example, you might find a dessert crepe that is filled with hazelnuts and chocolate, with chocolate drizzled over the top for good measure. Sometimes, the crepe batter itself will have chocolate added to it, giving you an additional way to enjoy chocolate for dessert. Some dessert crepes mimic popular pie flavors — for example, rolled crepes that are filled with stewed apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg can remind you of apple pie.

For more information, visit a local restaurant.