3 Types Of Salads Available At Japanese Restaurants

Posted on: 7 April 2022

If you seek out healthy food options, then salads are your typical go-to choice at a restaurant. The type of salad you enjoy will typically depend on the cuisine offered at a restaurant. If you dine at a traditional Japanese restaurant, then you may come across a wide variety of unique salad options.

Check out some of your salad options at a Japanese restaurant and learn about some of the common ingredients found in these meal options.

1. Green Salads With Tobiko

A traditional green salad is often served with fresh lettuce and vegetables, along with a Japanese food staple known as tobiko. Tobiko is small fish eggs and they add a burst of flavor to the salads with a nice blend of salt that pairs well with salad dressing.

Tobiko adds a nice crunch to a salad, similar to the same way a crouton or tortilla strip would. Most tobiko has a red-orange appearance unless it had been cooked or paired with a sauce that changes the look and color of the salad.

2. Seaweed Salad

If you seek out a salad with some basic greens, then try a seaweed salad. The salad replaces lettuce and spinach with a bed of seaweed. The ocean-based seaweed has a salty aftertaste and is often seasoned to punch up the flavors. The seaweed is typically served on its own and not mixed with other vegetables.

The light salad is an ideal starter option. The salad will not be too filling so you can enjoy other courses when you go out to eat. The salad is often topped with sesame seeds to add a little texture to each bite.

3. Kani Salad

One of the more unique salad options to try at a Japanese restaurant is Kani salad. The salad blends a lot of unique flavors with the highlight being a crab stick. The salad features a lot of crunch with vegetables like carrots and cabbage. The crab is typically paired with a little tobiko. Cucumber slices are also added to the salad for freshness and crunch.

Instead of a traditional salad dressing, many Kani salads are served with spicy mayonnaise that adds a lot of texture and flavor.

Try one of the salad meals the next time you dine out at a Japanese restaurant. When you make the salad your starter option, your portion size is smaller so you can decide if you like it enough to make it a main course in the future.